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Thank you for your interest in Elite Video's elitevision series of flat panels and front projectors. Our product lineup is of the highest quality and best value bar none. Whether your need is a high resolution, state-of-the-art LED, LCD, or Plasma flat panel, a lightweight, easy to use LCD or DLP projector, or a higher resolution D-ILA, 3-chip DLP, or CRT projector, Elite Video projectors provide video solutions for all your home and office needs!

Elite Video continues to provide a complete array of technologies. Our LED,LCD and Plasma HDTVs come in a variety of sizes ranging from 22” to 60” diagonal with 16:9 aspect ratio and 1080p resolution. We recommend and provide great value products by manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and Sharp. These panels provide high performance and are very reliable. Our prices are competitive with your local Electronics retail store--- but our service and support cannot be beat. Next time you think you know what product you want, check us out for a competitive quote.

For specific size, pre-existing openings, Elite Video has a variety of flatscreens in both 4:3 and 16:9 formats ranging from 14" diagonal to 60" diagonal to satisfy your custom needs. Contact Elite Video for the size that's right for your needs.

Our projector lineup includes high quality 3-LCD and single-chip DLP projectors. Weighing in at under 9 lbs, these ultra portable projectors are the closest thing to plug-and-play in the industry. With high brightness, HDTV-capability, advanced video processing technology, high contrast and true color, these projectors are ideal for commercial applications where high brightness, quality pictures, and reliable performance are 'must-haves.' Our sales for these products are dominated by products from Sanyo, Mitsubishi, and Infocus,

From here we move on to our full-HDTV-resolution, workhorse projectors. If you want higher resolution for viewing HDTV with internal scaling, but still do not want the physical size and maintenance of a CRT projector, then the JVC D-ILA series are the projectors of choice. With native resolution of 1920 x 1080 (1080p), 1,000-1,300 ANSI lumens brightness and full HDTV capability, this most-recent generation of LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) projectors utilize Direct-drive Image Light Amplification technology, has a JVC engine that we optimize for a dazzling video picture. If you compare our unit to the OEM or other resellers, you'll see the amazing difference in the video picture quality. An anamorphic lens system is also available for these projectors at additional cost, allowing the projection on to a 2.35:1 screen, the same shape as in the movie theaters. 3D TV is also a reality for selected models.

For the videophile, we still provide premiere CRT projectors. These units are more sophisticated, have more features, and require professional installation. Based on the former AmPro line, the HDTV-compatible 9" EV-4600 and the 8" EV-3600 are available with full warranties. These models have digital convergence, interactive 'Help' menus, and on-screen display to make setup and operation much easier. Our unique Scheimpflug focal plane adjustment system allows for optimal optical alignment between the CRT and lens assembly, thus providing uniform focus across the screen for the sharpest picture quality. Aspect ratio control and presets for favorite settings is a breeze with the 50-channel storage capability of these projectors. And with plenty of bandwidth, DVD video looks film-like! Utilizing gamma correction circuitry and selectable color temperature, grayscales and colors track from scene to scene, it provides the best picture possible.

For the top-of-the-line home theatre system, the flagship, award-winning EV-4600 projector is simply the best there is! Its 9" magnetically focused CRTs produce 1100 lumens peak white brightness and over 2,000 lines RGB resolution to provide pictures of exceptional clarity and extraordinary quality. The EV-4600 provides unsurpassed performance for home cinema and multimedia applications at prices 25% below the competition! The EV-3600 is specified at 850 lumens peak white brightness and 1600 lines RGB resolution

Want CRT-performance but have trouble with the price tag? Consider our Refurbs, fully warranted, used AmPro CRT projectors. With prices as much as 60% below retail, these units pose a reasonable alternative to the value-conscious videophile. Extended warranties are also available at additional cost.

Elite Video is an American-based projector company, with engineers that are 'real-world' and accessible. For custom applications such as rear projection, retro cabinet design, or custom modifications to existing products (called 'one-offs') in order to accommodate these units to your specific room, application and need, Elite Video is the place to go. In addition to servicing our own dealer base and their clientele, Elite Video continues to provide support to the installed base of AmPro, Kloss Video, JVC, Sanyo, and Telex projectors with factory-original parts, service, and technical staff available to help any way we can.

Unencumbered by the constraints of a large diversified company, Elite Video is dedicated to providing projector service and support from project inception through its End User life. At Elite Video, we provide solutions for your video needs! Check out our website or give us a call.

Business Products
Whether your presentation is for large audiences or a simple one-on-one; whether it's a Powerpoint presentation, financial review, engineering data evaluation, a teleconference, or a simple training film; whether it's in the executive boardroom, a conference room or the cafeteria, Elite Video has the right flatscreen or projector to satisfy your demands.

High-resolution, portable, and supported by the professional staff of the world's most experienced projector company, our projectors deliver IMPACT to your presentation.

You don't have to be a Fortune 500 Company to impress your audience.
Home Theater
Elite Video's staff has been designing, selling, and supporting large screen projectors for the home for three decades — WE KNOW WHAT MAKES GOOD PICTURES!

Whether you're an occasional movie-watcher, an avid sports fan, or the most discerning videophile, you'll find an Elite Video flatscreen or projector that's right for you. Our readily accessible staff can provide you with information and know-how about the new and upcoming technologies and associated products. BluRay? 3D? Surround Sound Audio? we can help with your needs. We've produced design-winning products for home and business — let us help you make that big screen come alive.
Education and Training
Capture your audience and bring them into your presentation with a large screen Elite Video display. A great teaching, training and education tool, our projectors are an ideal way to promote learning and broadcast information. Our lightweight, portable, and easily maintained projectors can be used anywhere in the School — classroom, auditorium, or cafeteria. Their ability to provide high quality, bright computer and video images make them a learning tool for the new millenium.

Our projectors are the perfect education tool, often provided to schools by PTOs to promote computer literacy, allow learning via the internet, and to involve students in materials being presented. They are lightweight, easily carried from room to room or may be affixed to an A/V cart. Plug-and-play, very user-friendly to teachers and students alike. These projectors include a 3-year warranty.

And for advanced education environments in high schools and colleges, in classrooms, lecture halls, and small auditoriums, or for larger auditorium or small theater applications where large screen sizes and bright pictures are required, Elite has projectors with high brightness and high resolution for sharp, clear pictures for use in situations where students are taking notes, etc.

Multimedia Portables
Consider our plug-and-play projectors for both personal computers and video from BluRay, DVDs, VCRs, cable and satellite sources. Dual versatility for home and business applications. Enhance business presentations during the week and enjoy movies or your favorite sporting event on the weekend.
Custom Products
You've undoubtedly heard the expression, "if you can't find it, ask."

When it comes to large screen video solutions, this adage holds when you work with Elite Video. Our Engineering Staff has been in the projector business since its inception in the 1970s, and is thoroughly familiar with creating video solutions to 'specific' and/or 'peculiar' needs.

Using the latest in computer and CAD-CAM technology, our American-based company can provide application-based solutions in a fraction of the time AND a fraction of the cost of the competition.

From 'Mission Control' in Houston to WHD-TV, the experimental HDTV broadcast station in Washington, DC, to the Command and Control Centers in US Aircraft Carriers around the world, our Engineers have developed specialized one-off products for unique and specific applications.

Our celebrity list is too numerous to mention (and they'd prefer anonymity as well). But suffice to say, our projectors grace the Home Theaters of some of the most visible and demanding stars in film and sport.

So, if you have a desire to install a home theater, but don't see a product that works for you, just call us and ASK!

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