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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of installation is best for me?
When considering a large screen home theater, there are three basic system types to consider: self-contained (such as LED/LCD/plasma flatscreen or a rear projection console), front projection (like a movie projector, either floor or ceiling mounted), and rear projection (projector built-in to the wall behind the viewing screen).

The self-contained systems are appropriate if you have limited space, have a well-lighted environment, or want a drop-in installation with no modifications or additions to the room.

The front projection systems are appropriate for larger pictures for a true home theater experience, but should be used only in rooms where there is some control of the ambient light falling on the screen.

Built-in rear projection systems are appropriate for installations where the room decor is important (there is no projector in the room!), higher ambient light is present, and a larger screen is desirable. Of course, such an installation is more involved and there must be ample space available for the installation.

Contact us for further information and assistance.

Q: Can I install my home theater by myself, or will I need a dealer/installer?
Up until the last several years, a home theater system would almost always be based on a CRT projector - and while these projectors are well known for exceptional performance, they are also known for a fairly involved installation and setup. Unless you are technically competent and inclined, such an installation is not a task for you, but for your Elite Video dealer or installer.

However, there are now other video technologies available that can also provide exceptional performance, but are far easier to install and setup. Projectors utilizing LCD, DLP and DILA technologies are smaller and lighter so they far easier to mount, and setup is a breeze since focus is simply a lens adjustment and no color registration is necessary. Installing an LED, LCD or Plasma Flat Panel display is similar to hanging a larger picture on your wall.

If you have the available time and interest, and are comfortable with making the necessary decisions about your home theater system, such as screen size, projector selection and mounting details (for which Elite Video can help), you are a good candidate to install a home theater system by yourself!

Q: What would a dealer do that I can't?
If the audio and video equipment to be installed is too complex or needs specialty equipment to be optimized, or if achieving the desired room aesthetics is beyond your capabilities, you should consider teaming with an Elite Video dealer or installer. Custom installers do more than just hold your hand. They can help you with the planning of the project from initial conception, recommend and provide equipment that fulfills your needs and fits your budget, optimally set up this equipment, and most importantly is there for you after installation to assure your satisfaction for many years to come.

Q: What projector type is best for me?
For large-screen home theater options, the choices among projector types have never been better. Not only are there a wide variety of systems, but it seems that every few months a new technology appears, or an existing technology is taken to a new level. How can you stay current and choose which type is best for you and your application? Let Elite Video help - we are knowledgeable and can provide you with the appropriate technology for your needs.

To help in your planning, here are a few guidelines for selecting the best projector type for your large screen needs:

Consider a flatscreen, diagonal sizes ranging from 42" to 60", and only a few inches deep.
Consider DLP or LCD projectors, small and light, easy to setup.
Highest Light Output
Consider LCD, available in thousands of lumens.
Best Gray Scale and White Balance
Consider DILA, DLP and CRT.
Best Color and Contrast
Consider DILA and CRT.
Best performance with HDTV
Consider DILA and LED which have the highest resolution and greatest control over aspect ratios.
Best Full Field Contrast
Consider CRTs, the only technology that can produce completely black screen.

Q: Is my flatscreen serviceable and maintainable?

We provide products from manufacturers that can be serviced and supported. It is a major difference between buying from us and either large warehouses or internet. We try to select high reliability products for your needs. But in the event of a problem, we can provide alternatives to 'throw it out and buy a new one.'

Q: How long will my flatscreen last?

Typically about 30000-60000 hours, according to most manufacturers. That's about the same life as your old tube TV.

Q: Should I have my current projector repaired, or move on to a new projector?
We can provide service for many products from manufacturers. Parts availability is the key issue. In the event of a problem, we can provide alternatives to 'throw it out and buy a new one.' Satisfaction with your current unit (before it failed) as well as cost should be major considerations.

For example, most CRT projectors in the AmPro family of quality professional systems still provide state-of-the-art performance To have a projector repair or refurbished, including changing to new CRTs if desired, will cost a small fraction of this replacement price, and a full or extended warranty is available. If you are have been happy with your system's performance, which will only become more stunning as DTV/HDTV becomes more available, maintaining your present system should be an option given serious consideration. Elite Video continues to provide technical support, parts, and service for these machines.

Q: Should I consider an Elite Video "B-Stock," used projector?
If you have decided upon a CRT based projector, you should definitely consider the purchase of an AmPro 3600, 3600 or 4600 projector. These professional quality projectors are completely refurbished and tested, are available with a full or extended warranty, and are very competitive with the best projectors in the marketplace. Unlike automobiles, which have many parts that will ultimately wear out and need to be replaced, these projectors only have CRTs as a "wear-out" item, as the modern electronics used is very long lived.
While the best values will come in projectors with used (but like-new) CRTs, the projectors are also available with brand new CRTs installed. If you want the best, and are interested in savings from 25% to 40%, by all means consider a refurbished CRT projector from Elite Video.